Technicolour Visions [EP]

by White Lodge

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Recorded in May / June 2014.

Second EP by White Lodge.

Celestial fuzz - psychedelic garage

Cassette (Including bonus Holy Void EP) out through Wiener Records:


released August 4, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Sam Saljooghi at Out Loud Studios in West End, Brisbane.

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon, USA.



all rights reserved


White Lodge QLD, Australia

A four-piece Garage band drenched in reverb.


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Track Name: Trippin' On The Vanilla Trail
I was a sheep in wolf's clothing
But now I wanna do the right thing
Not afraid to fault or fail
Cause now I'm torn free from the nail

And now I'm trippin'
On the vanilla trail

I wear my heart on my sleeve
And I hate air-conditioned dreams
But if I wanna taste the warmest colour
Then I've gotta be kind to my brothers

And now I'm trippin'
On vanilla-vanilla, it smothers

And I'm gonna try, gonna try, as hard as I can
I'm gonna be, gonna be, a better man
I'm gonna dig, gonna dig, real deep inside
To find what's pure, that better life
Track Name: Laguna Negra
C'mon baby hold me tight, cause this boat's-a rockin'
And it's gonna be a while, before we reach the dock and
Baby I just want you, to please take my hand
And to try and forget, what lurks above the bed of sand

C'mon and hold me tight
Cause this just might
Be our final night
Down in the black lagoon

And now the water's stirrin', and we've come to a halt
And what happens to you, is gonna be my fault
It's now I see, under the summer moon
That I should never have taken, you to the black lagoon

Oh and now he's coming
And there ain't no use running
We've become the tender prey
Never gonna see the light of day
Track Name: New Mornin' Sun
At the end of the night all you have is yourself
People love and leave it ain't nothing you can help
Time and time again the lesson's remained the same
I think I've finally learnt how to break the chains

There are some things that are never gonna change
The voice in your head, the blood in your veins
The time has finally come
To let in, that new mornin' sun

Don't worship too much or your life won't seem real
After over-thinking, confrontations seem surreal
Go and make your own myths, hold yourself in high regard
Cause you're the only thing in your life that's gonna last

Leaping into the abyss seems so appealing, until you survive the fall
Bathe in the light of the new mornin' sun, don't crawl
Track Name: Sands Of Graveyard Atoll
Their eyes flicker and burn
Like candles in the night
Above the beach they haunt
Until first morning light

In the moonlight where all beauty sleep
The night does purr, the jungle creeps
And on the shore amongst indigo tides
A choir of souls chant their war cries

The spirits sing about the battle lost
On how their lives were the final cost
Never able to return home
In sand and thicket rest their ol' bones

Not so far away, the world has changed
But on these sands, 1944 remains
Track Name: Hotel Temperamental
The walls are chipped, old and mint green
The floors are lined with my shirts and dirty jeans
The lamp is broken, the tap is running
The windows are loose but they don't let no sun in

The heater's got a mind of it's own
The walls are built on my relative's bones
The man is nice, he greets me with a smile
And he'll be my friend, for a little while

I don't wanna be twenty, in hotel temperamental
Though there ain't nothing I can do
No I don't
No I won't
I'll be leaving here real soon
Track Name: Switchblade Blues
On a mean drunk, white lightnin', I've got a crucifix in my pocket
Amongst tobacco, lint, and a stolen locket
My shirt is dirty and my jeans are torn
My head is thumpin' and my girl, well, she's gone

They are coming for my actions, for my lies
And tonight I'm not the spider, I'm the fly
I don't know how much further I can run
Before they catch me for the things I've done

And I never had my blade
My blade

I don't know if I can cheat the hangman
Cause death has got me in the palm of his hand
My life has been, a fantasy, a lucid dream
And on this night, god is nowhere to be seen

My body face down with cross in hand
Who will remember another dead young man
And maybe I'll see God on that shore above
But I doubt it i could never collar this devil blood