White Lodge

by White Lodge

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Debut sonic assault from Australian garage-punk slaves. 11 tracks of howling, fuzz-driven, echo-drenched psychosis. Recorded in stereo.


released April 20, 2016

An LP recorded from late 2014 to late 2015.

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 recorded and mixed by Sam Saljooghi at Out Loud Studios, Brisbane and Incremental Studios, Brisbane.

Tracks 3, 9, and 10 recorded and mixed by Cameron Smith at Incremental Studios, Brisbane.

Track 11 recorded and mixed by Alex Wall at Crown Studios, Gold Coast.

Additional recording and mixing on tracks 2, 4, and 8 by Cameron Smith at Incremental Studios, Brisbane.

Additional vocals on tracks 5, and 6 by Jake Lanyon. Additional vocals and organ on track 11 by Alex Wall. Trumpet on track 11 by Andrew Hodges.

Analogue transfer by Geoff Wright at Lucky Boy Studios, Byron Bay.

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland, USA.

All songs written by White Lodge except track 5 credited to Henry Glover and Morris Levy, and track 10 credited to Edgar Campbell and Ernie Johnson. Track 11 co-written and produced by Alex Wall.

Photography by Katia Brticevich and Ben Stagg.

Art and layout by Jonathan Ranger.

All rights reserved.

White Lodge is Hudson Tesoriero / Jonathan Ranger / Harrison Gordon / Jordan Biazos.



all rights reserved


White Lodge QLD, Australia

A four-piece Garage band drenched in reverb.

Contact: whitelodgeaus@gmail.com

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Track Name: Bleach Coma
The bath is overflowing
When I submerge myself knowing
It's bleach water, a peroxide cleanse
It's got me seeing through a different lense

My scalp is burning brighter
Cosmic tendrils turning lighter
It's a chemical chrysalis, it's a transmutation
It's a process for my elation

And now I'm in a bleach coma
It's a bleach coma

And now I feel my skin start to shed
And I slip into the chambers of my own head
My body shuts down but my mind ignites
This is the process for a different life
And as i sink into my porcelain tomb
I fade away but I'm not leaving here too soon
I rejoice, baby I rejoice, the bleach coma
Track Name: Woodchipper
I wanna be fed to those sharp steel claws
I want my body used for a good cause
A puddle of flesh and bone
I wanna help my garden grow

Little darling
Little baby-love
Feed me to the Earth
Let's find out what life is worth

So hurry and push me down the chute
Just remember take off my boots
Chew me up and spit me out
Discover what recycling is all about

So grind away my eyes, my ears, my nose, my throat
Because returning to the Earth really gets my vote
And now I'm human fertiliser
Now I'm something I can really admire

Now I don't feel any pain
As my body chips away
And I know what I've done is right
The best thing I could do with my life
Now I see the burning skies
The neon cycloptic eye
All these things I could show you
If you opened your mind and you join the woodchipper too
Track Name: Bella-Union Creep
He's gonna get you cause you're on his mind
He's gonna show you things you can't define

Cornered and bare
Eyes wide-open to a world unfair

He's pulling down his pants, he smells like whiskey and shit
He starts to pry your legs but you're drier than desert pit

Cornered and bare
Cloaked in fear from his Leipzig stare

And the coyote howl
Bella-union creep is on the prowl
A ruby abraxas hanging from his neck
He's got bad intentions in every step
Track Name: California Sun
Well I'm going out west where I belong
Where the nights are short and the days are long

Where they walk and I walk
They twist and I'll twist
They shimmy and I'll shimmy
They fly and I'll fly

Well I'm going out west out on the coast
Where the California girls are really the most

The girls are frisky in old Frisco
A pretty little chick wherever you go
Track Name: Labour Of Love
Hop into our car
We're gonna go far tonight
Just like last night
It's just the way it goes
Playing lots of shows
Flying down the M1 and into the pink sun
So we sink another round
Sleep-walk round town
Smoking bent cigarettes
Living life with cheap regrets
And this is how we do it
Living how we see fit
We're youth in the way
And we're here to stay

And now I see this is the life for me
Bludgeoning sonic deliveries
And I know that's the way it goes
With the labour of love

We've got ripped jeans
Busted shirt-seams
Chewed up laces
And worn-out faces
A guitar with three strings
A singer who can't sing
But we make it work
Our duty which we can't shirk
We're unemployed
We're living in the void
Living on the fringe
Making others cringe
So we dust ourselves off
And we live with the cough
Scraping by week by week
A future we can meet
Track Name: Ancient Tides
I want to, I need to, return to my home
The place where I can be free
I'm fiending, I'm crying, for the sound of those waves
I can't spend another day away

Take me back to the rainbow waters
The ancient bay of the sons and daughters
There I can cleanse myself of all these bloody sins
And there I can shed myself of this marred and ugly skin

I'm leaving, goodbye, here's to my journey
I heed the calls of the ancient tides
These laws, these lands, I can't comply
These trammels I can't abide

Take me back, so that I can dream
Of the pharaoh's horses, a river of blood
A gilded kingdom, of you my love
A celestial curtain, a sea of stars
The bones of men in a fugitive past
I want to tie a knot in the devil's tail
I want to walk up sugar mountain
I want to embrace the pillar of fire
I want to drink from the fountain
Take me back
Track Name: Bleedin' Down The Bayou
A southern swamp ritual is swinging
Blind-folded and bound, my ears are ringing
And they beat that heavy jungle drum
Chanting incantations and spells, till my mind goes numb

Rope tears at my flesh, it binds my fractured bones
Weeping tears, prayers in fire, I wanna go home
I'm hanging high, my ribs are slit like christ
I smell the fires burning in the night

I'm bleeding down the bayou
I cannot run
Cannot break
Cannot escape this place

The flames lick my skin and I bleed, bleed, bleed
I'm now encircled by the bodyguards of greed
I'm not the only victim, I'm sure there's many more
Sacrifices in the woods to an ancient carnivore
Track Name: Evil Dares
I did no evil dares
I have no cross to bare
I don't recall the words you said
I don't feel my burning head

I'm not dead
And I don't bleed red
I'm not off track
And my heart's not black

I'm screaming at the sun
I'm ruining your fun
I'm choking on my blood
I'm squirming in the mud
Track Name: Outcast
Girl what have I done
For you to mistreat me this old way
I've been left out of everything
Each and every way

I'm just an outcast
Don't know how long I'm gonna last
Lord when will it be over
Come on baby and help me discover

I'm just a young man
Trying to do my very best
But all my baby brings me now
Is unhappiness

And I know there'll come a day
When you'll come to me and say
You'll want me to stand by your side
To love and keep you satisfied

I'm just an outcast
You know what I'm talking about
I'm all by myself
I'm all alone on the shelf
I'm all alone and no one's picking up the phone
Stuck here by myself with no one else
Track Name: Sister In The Dunes
I see my sister in the dunes
I wanna help her get through
I wanna lift her up to her feet
But she's stuck and she's sinking real deep

I watched her, I let her fade away
Into a monochrome blur with nothing to say
And now I'm here with calloused hands
Take her to promised lands, away from black sands

I've gotta hurry up
I haven't done enough
Need to redeem myself
Hope that I can help

Indifference is weak, so my promises I'll keep
We're bound by blood and we're bound by love